Dog Grooming

The Hounds Lounge has a state of the art dog grooming spa open Tuesday- Saturday. We understand that you have adult things to do and sometimes appointments are challenging to make. At Hounds Lounge, you can drop off your fur kiddo as early as the lobby opens and pick up as late as the lobby closes. All dog grooming appointments come with a complimentary day of group play because we believe your pup always deserves a paw-esome day!

Dog grooming appointments can be requested online or you can simply call to schedule your pup’s spa day. Once your fur baby’s dog grooming appointment is confirmed by one of our humans, you will receive a confirmation text/email. All woofs must be up-to-date on required vaccinations before being dropped off.

Price is determined by size, temperament & hair type. We offer free consults for new pups that need to be pampered!

Bath & the Works

Wash and blow out, hair brush, feet, face, sanitary & nail trim, ear cleaning and gland expression.

Full Service Groom

Wash and blow out, hair brush, full-body hair cut, nail trim, ear cleaning, and gland expression.


A La Carte Spa Treatments

Ear Cleaning
Nail Trim
Nail Trim with Dremel
Anal Expression
Flea & Tick Treatment
Prices Vary
Make a Reservation